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First of all; Welcome to our site! We’re so happy you stopped by.

Picture of Åse Rørmark (Aricin)
Åse Rørmark (Aricin)

Who are we, you may ask? The short answer: a nerdy couple living in Norway. We work full-time as computer engineer (Aricin) and electrical engineer (Kristian), but in the evenings and weekends we love playing and designing board games.

Picture of Kristian Ek
Kristian Ek

We’ve had several projects thus far, and “Ancient Souls: Fenrir” is our most recent one. We’re very excited about it, and are having lots of fun researching, brainstorming and prototyping!

We’ll use this blog to share our experiences with board games we love and all that we learn while developing our own games. We really hope that you enjoy following our development, and that the articles will be of use for other aspiring board game designers! For a more “hands-on” experience, come hang with us on Discord ?

Join us on our Journey!

The Mistzone Team

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