About Us

We are both born and raised in Norway, over 1000 km apart. Fortune would have it that we found each other on the internet in 2016 and have lived together since 2017. We have always been avid gamers, but mostly video games. Our table gaming experience used to be limited to the traditional card and board games.

When we were introduced to the Legacy of Dragonholt and Spirit Island, our minds were blown. How was it possible to not have come across any board game witth cooperation mode before? Aricin went on a hunt, prowling Kickstarter like a hungry wolf, looking for awesome-looking games with cooperation mode and solo mode. She was not disappointed!

She pledged to a lot of games (Kristian: “It’s REALLY a lot of games ?). We also bought Jaws of the Lion and Sleeping Gods from our local board game shop. We enjoyed these immensily, which made us want to design a board game ourselves. We have dabbled with creating digital games and products before, so it was nice to be able to prototype so fast and create something to hold in our hands.

Åse Rørmark Ek (Aricin)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Design (OPIM) Developed av board game called “Jungle Train” (unpublished), which received the highest academic mark.
  • Computer Engineer (Bachelor’s degree).
  • Currently working as a Frontend Developer and UX/UI designer for IntegrasjonsPartner BITS AS.
  • Participated in the Game Jam contribution called “The (Not So) All-Powerful Wizard

Kristian Rørmark Ek

  • Master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Currently working as a consultant doing power grid analyses and automation of PSS®E with Python scripts. Writing reports, analysis documentations and tutorial handbooks.
  • Participated in three Game Jams on Itch.io

Mistzone was officially registered in 2023, with Mistzone Games becoming a member of the Norwegian Tabletop Game Publishers Assosciation.

We’ll use this blog to share our experiences with board games we love and all that we learn while developing our own games. We really hope that it will be of use for other aspiring board game designers!