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The Company

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We design and publish games that we would love to play ourselves! We follow what we call the FIR-principles:




We also love the mystic feeling of the Norse mythology, which you will recognize in most of our games. Since we love games in both physical and digital form, and hate to choose just one platform, we create games for tabletop, mobile and PC! 😅

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Occasionally, we offer our services to like-minded individuals in the industry. We can help out with:

These tools should provide a great user experience for the reader, player and owner / publisher alike 💹

The Founders

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Norway, our paths were a thousand kilometers apart—yet, it was the digital universe that intricately wove our destinies together in 2016. By 2017, we had embarked on a shared journey, not just in life but in the realm of gaming. Initially, our passion was kindled by the virtual worlds of video games, with the occasional shuffling of cards and the clattering of dice in more conventional board games.

An illustration of travel distance between Åse's and Kristian's place of birth.

It was the discovery of "Legacy of Dragonholt" and "Spirit Island" in 2018 that heralded a gaming revelation for us. The concept of cooperative play in board games was uncharted territory, and it sparked a boundless curiosity. Aricin, with the tenacity of a wolf on the scent, scoured Kickstarter for games that promised both cooperative and solo adventures—and the quest yielded a treasure trove of games!

Our collection grew with cherished additions like "Jaws of the Lion" and "Sleeping Gods", acquired from our local board game haven. The joy and engagement from these games sowed the seeds for a new aspiration: to craft our own board game. With a history of dabbling in digital creations, the transition to tactile game development was a delightful pivot—allowing us rapid prototyping and the tangible satisfaction of holding our ideas in our hands.

Founding Director

Åse Rørmark Ek (Aricin)

aka The Creative Unicorn and Starter of Things
  • Bachelor's degree in Game Design (OPIM). Developed a board game called "Jungle Train” (unpublished), which received the highest academic mark.
  • Computer Engineer (Bachelor's degree).
  • Previously worked as a Frontend Developer and UX/UI designer for Integrasjonspartner BITS AS.
  • Currently working as System Developer for Brønnøysundregistrene.
  • Participated in the Game Jam contribution called "The (Not So) All-Powerful Wizard”.
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Co-Founding Director

Kristian Rørmark Ek

aka The Steadfast Finisher and Excel Guru
  • Master's degree in Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Previously developed Wordpress sites for personal use and for small businesses and organizations.
  • Currently working as a consultant for Multiconsult, doing power grid analyses and automation of PSSÂŽE with Python scripts. Writing reports, analysis documentations and tutorial handbooks.
  • Participated in three Game Jams on Itch.io.
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